Fossielvrij NL

We have the energy, motivation and bold plans to build a powerful climate movement in the Netherlands. Now we need the money. So we need your help.

Our mission is to build a strong, people-powered movement to break the power of the fossil fuel industry. This opens up space for a fast and just transition to a community-led energy system with 100% renewables.

The past six years Fossielvrij NL played a crucial role in connecting, amplifying and training the Dutch climate movement. We have helped local activists build powerful campaigns for fossil free pensions, culture and education. We have mobilised 35.000 climate strikers together with Fridays For Future students. And we have successfully campaigned against oil giant Shell and their crimes.

We have been able to build our work thanks to generous financial support, but after March 2021 our funding is uncertain. We depend on small donations to continue our crucial work. Will you help us?

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Create your fundraising page or join a team with friends, co-workers, your sports team or class mates. Take a look at these inspiring examples.

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04-07-2021 | 14:10